Spokesperson Training

It’s not enough to be interviewed. If you’re not quoted, you’ve lost the opportunity to get your message out. We unlock your unique style and teach you to convey high-impact, quotable stories so you get the most from every interview, every time.

Regardless of skill level, we have the right course for you.

SMT-201 – Senior Spokesperson Workshop

Many executives are promoted to positions that require them to serve as company spokespeople without having had prior training or experience.

Our Senior Spokesperson Workshop is the ideal course for an executive making that first leap into the limelight. This full-day program is designed to prepare executives with the skills they need to be confident, successful spokespeople.

Ideal for up to six executives, the workshop includes both instruction and practice in:
• Handling different types of media opportunities
• Interacting comfortably with local media, global media, analysts, and television
• Developing proactive relationships with high-priority influencers
• Craft messaging and thought leadership platforms, and deliver them powerfully, memorably, and effectively.

SMT-202 – Senior Spokesperson Advanced Workshop

Many executives who have prior training find that a refresher with some more advanced techniques are in order when facing the new challenges that come with a promotion or a posting in a new country. Allison+Partners has developed a program designed to assess and build on the specific strengths of an executive as a communicator, and address areas that require more attention.

This workshop is designed to move an executive from competence in a spokesperson role to confidence as the public face of the company in both casual interactions and critical encounters with journalists, analysts, and bloggers.

Areas of focus include:
• Taking control of interviews and discussions
• Developing proactive relationships with high-priority influencers
• Crafting a personal thought leadership platform
• Managing the confrontational interview

SMT-203 – Advanced Interview Skills Workshop

Even after 2-3 training sessions, it is not uncommon for some executives to still find themselves challenged to internalize and master interview skills. Others find themselves in complex positions that can test the most competent and skilled communicators.

Allison+Partners has developed the Advanced Interview Skills Workshop for just these executives for either general development or preparation for a high-profile event.

This full day program includes:
• One-on-One instruction in core spokesperson techniques
• Intensive practice via scenarios, role-plays, and mirroring exercises
• Video review and critique of each practice session
• Coaching in confidence, body-language, demeanor, and messaging
• Confidence- and comfort-building exercises

SMT-220 – Working with Foreign Correspondents

The importance of the foreign correspondent to companies operating in China is hard to overstate, yet they are the audience most often overlooked in public relations efforts in the PRC. The few companies that work with foreign correspondents are rewarded with positive coverage and the benefit of the doubt on negative stories, both of which can have a profoundly positive effect on the company’s fortunes in China

Allison+Partners provides our Foreign Correspondents workshop in order to ensure executives operating in China are prepared to work with these key journalists in ways that help the company in China and worldwide. In addition to the basics, we cover:
• Guidance on coordinating with HQ on foreign journalists
• The differences in managing Chinese and international journalists, and how to balance the two
• Building proactive relationships
• Avoiding common pitfalls
• Turning correspondents into a source of positive global coverage

SMT-230 – Role-Specific Sportsperson Training

There are many cases when the specific challenges of an executive’s position require something more than an off-the-shelf training program. For executives in such situations, Allison+Partners crafts a bespoke program built to address the unique aspects of the executive’s role and his or her specific strengths and deficits as a spokesperson.

Starting with our Senior Spokesperson Advanced Workshop, we work with you to add in modules to address areas that include presentation skills, crisis preparedness, executive storytelling, thought leadership, government meetings, industry analyst briefings, and more.

Our faculty has created such programs for country CEOs, chemical plant managers, research and development engineers, and business development executives, to name a few roles. Programs typically run from a half-day to two full work days.