Public Speaking Programs

Most people are terrified to speak in front of large groups, and even the most experienced speaker is in need of occasional polish. The public speaking training programs are based on my thirty-five years of experience in public speaking, and on techniques that have been proven with executives around the world. The programs are aimed to move you up the “ladder of comfort,” beyond reliance on power-point, making you a confident speaker in all situations.

PPS-101 – Presentation Skills for Executives Workshop

There is more to a great presentation than pretty PowerPoint, and sometimes less truly is more. Allison+Partners and I have created a program designed for executives seeking greater comfort and effectiveness when speaking in public or in front of large groups.

This full-day program covers the elements of an effective presentation, starting with preparation and going all the way to speaking style. With a class size limited to three participants, the program comes with two additional options:
• An intensive second-day delivery workshop, when a presentation of up to an hour in length is evaluated for delivery skills;
• An evening presentation writing workshop, where we work 1-on-1 with the executive to develop the core of a presentation in the space of a single evening.

PPS-201 – From Presentation to Speech Workshop

At some point in every executive’s career, the time comes when using visual aids like slides are just not an option. At that point, the executive stops being a presenter and becomes a speaker. But how to make the jump?

Designed for the executives seeking or facing opportunities to speak in a high-profile public setting, Allison+Partners helps executives overcome the PowerPoint habit. The full day program for up to two participants is taught by an experienced public speaker, and includes:
• Power preparation
• Effective speaking skills
• Using notes and mnemonics
• Slides with a difference
• Personal demeanor, appearance, and overcoming nervousness

PPS – 150 – Expert Briefing Workshop

Bringing boards, senior executives, industry groups, and government officials “up to speed” requires a unique set of skills and tools. These critical communications opportunities are often key to the future of the company and the individual.

Allison+Partners offers the first workshop to teach executives how to “give great brief,” delivering complex information to critical, time-pressed audiences. Based on a proven methodology developed for the United States government, the five-hour course includes:

• Review of the four main types of briefings
• Briefing preparation process
• Preparation and delivery of 2-3 short briefings
• Delivery feedback and critique
• Take-home guide with templates

PPS-220 – Working with Interpreters

When you’re not used to doing it, speaking in front of a group or a TV camera with an interpreter in the process can be awkward. Worse, if you don’t take certain precautions, you are liable to overwhelm your interpreter, and your messages get delivered garbled or altogether wrong.

In this half-day workshop for up to three participants, we introduce executives to the challenges of working with interpreters, teach the skills to work well with the translation process, provide a set of techniques to ensure that the translation comes across as smoothly – or even more smoothly – than the original words.

In addition, we provide a ready-to-go checklist for trainees to use for each interpreter, and practice situations with interpreters of different levels to allow executives to easily establish an natural-feeling translation process.

PPS-230 – Being the Moderator

The panel discussion is an increasingly popular format, but the success of a panel – and the reputation of the moderator – are on the line. Moderators that know how to prepare and manage a panel are rewarded with engaging, memorable discussions. Those who don’t may as well be inviting the audience to leave.

Allison+Partners provides executives with a two-hour moderator preparation training program that both prepares the moderator and offers ways to make even the dullest of topics more interesting. Creating great questions, getting the audience involved, and putting everyone at ease are all covered in this fast, enjoyable workshop that will raise your moderating game to a professional level.