The challenges you face demand more than plain old media training. You need executives and PR teams that are prepared to be “full-spectrum” communicators, able to address not only journalists, but bloggers, analysts, government officials, employees, board members, and investors.

• Training builds the skills that are essential to winning over skeptical outside audiences, skills that are too rarely a part of an executive’s education or preparation. Nothing is more important: audiences equate the skill of the speaker with the credibility of the organization he represents.

• Training builds the confidence required to address critical stakeholders in even the most challenging situations, winning them over because they see that you believe in yourself and what you are saying.

• Training ensures that every individual speaking on behalf of the company, whether formally or otherwise, represents the company consistently, thoughtfully, and in compliance with all relevant laws and policies.

Over a decade and a half conducting training programs in communications for senior executives across Asia, I have developed over twenty different programs that I can offer your company or organization. I can now offer these programs as a part of the Allison+Partners team.

Whether you are a senior executive looking to raise your profile as the face of your company, a junior communications professional seeking to improve your skills, or an industry analyst looking for ways to improve your media relationships, we have a program designed with your specific needs in mind.

Only Allison+Patners offers communications training programs designed to help you address all of these audiences, both singly and together. Each of our programs is customized to match the specific needs of your company, your situation, and your trainees. Using our proprietary library of workshop modules, and working with you to hone them according to your needs, we can ensure that you and your colleagues  get the training that you need.

Please browse the list of programs, or just drop me a note here.