Occasionally I have the opportunity to speak on a podcast or a radio show, something I really enjoy because I feel I missed my calling as a radio personality. Judge for yourself. I have listed those that are available below.

“David Wolf on China PR Ethics,” The Echo Chamber PR Show, The Holmes Report, New York, July 2o14

I join the Holmes Report’s Echo Chamber to discuss the continued ethical issues that bedevil international PR firms operating in China. For me, a zero tolerance approach is the only option, but I note that too many international PR agency CEOs in New York turn a blind eye to ethical transgressions and worse. Keep listening to catch Starbucks’ Corey DuBrowa talk about the PR aspects of the company’s plan to provide free college educations to Starbucks’ employees.

“The Transgressions of Apple Computer,” The Sinica Podcast, Beijing, April 5, 2013

Considering the enthusiasm of the Chinese market for Apple products, the state media-led hullabaloo has raised questions about whether the Chinese government is targeting Apple as a competitive threat to mainland companies. And what exactly is going on behind the scenes and what does it forebode for Apple? Hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, I am joined by Laurie Burkitt of The Wall Street Journal.

“Is there a future for Big Agencies in China?” Thoughtful China, Shanghai, 2013

In this episode of Thoughtful China, a program dedicated to the advertising and marketing industries in China, I explain why the 4A ad agency model does not work well in China, where companies are experiencing very high growth and the market evolves quickly, requiring companies to make sudden changes to adapt and grow . Find out why I believe that big agencies face a challenging future on in this video presentation.

“Who should handle your Social Media business (in China,)” Thoughtful China, Shanghai, 2013

In the lead-in to this episode of Thoughtful China, I explain why there is a battle among advertising, PR, digital, and specialist agencies to handle corporate social media, and the most important considerations in choosing who companies should allow to handle their online social personas.

“The Huawei Enigma,” The Sinica Podcast, Beijing, August 31, 2012

How do people in the telecommunications industry think about Huawei? And what is really going on with the Shenzhen-based ICT conglomerate? Hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, I am joined by Will Moss of Motorola.

“Huawei and China’s Telecom Industry with David Wolf,” Artman Talks, Beijing, May 21, 2012

I speak with host John Artman about my book Making the Connection: The Peaceful Rise of China’s Telecommunications Giants. In our discussion, we focus on the importance of China’s telecom history, the role of client-centered innovation, as well as Huawei and their current image problem.

“The End of the Expat Package,” The Sinica Podcast, Beijing, April 6, 2012

Curious where the “fat expat package” has gone? In this podcast, Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn welcome Will Moss of Imagethief and I for a dissection of the expat job market: what sort of jobs are available in China these days and what it takes to get on what we lovingly call the FEP. We put everything on the table this week, including some numbers that will either impress or horrify you. And for good measure, we also look at Sina Weibo’s slap on the wrist for its involvement spreading coup rumors two weeks ago, a retaliatory strike that turned China’s biggest social network into a marginally better version of Twitter for a horrifying three days.

“The Schadenfreude Podcast,” The Sinica Podcast, Beijing, August 12, 2011

Not only did the United States lose its coveted triple-A rating from Standard and Poor’s, but months after unrest in the Middle East sparked renewed speculation about political disenfranchisement throughout Asia, riots in London suggest the West may have bigger problems closer to home. And China looks to be sitting quite pretty. Or is it? Hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, I am joined by the incredibly smart Tania Brannigan of The Guardian.

“China’s Second Internet Bubble?” The Sinica Podcast, Beijing, April 22, 2011

Interest in Chinese Internet companies has reached a fever pitch. Fueled by the fact that roughly fifty percent of the companies that went public on NASDAQ last year were Chinese in origin, at least seventeen more high-profile companies are planning foreign IPOs this year. Yet given the fact these businesses still face massive market and political risk, their planned valuations are unsettling many investors and rekindling memories of the late 1990s boom. Hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, I am joined by Gady Epstein of Forbes and Bill Bishop of DigiCha.