Competitor Relations

Regardless of your industry, there are likely few places in the world where competition is more intense than it is in China.

Operating in the PRC, you will meet nearly all of the competitors you will encounter in the other markets of the world. China is the new “Great Game” for business, and few companies manage to resist the draw of China’s size and dynamism.

Even more vexing is the growing cohort of increasingly adept local competitors. Our clients in the mobile device business, for example, face dozens of Chinese competitors; our clients in advertising face thousands. As these companies make inroads into global markets, more and more companies are discovering that the competition IS China.

Regardless of the nature of your adversaries, corporate communications should be a competitive weapon that, when well-managed, can create for you a decisive advantage over competitors, either at a specific juncture like a trade show, a product launch, or a client crisis. or indeed over the long-term.

David Wolf pioneered the field of “Competitor Relations,” a discipline that focuses on using communications to enhance your credibility and effectiveness while reducing that of a competitor. Using only ethical tools, tactics, and techniques developed for this purposes, we build programs and campaigns to ensue that you can win in even the most complex competitive situations.